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Photographer // Creative Director

Katherine Kirchner is a full-time freelance commercial photographer based in Charlotte, NC, catering to businesses across the world. With over a decade of professional experience backed by years of intense technical training and fine art research, Katherine holds an uncommon ability to get it done right the first time. 

Katherine delivers high-end brand photography with a look that is unique to every client. Each step of the process is optimally designed to be hassle-free with results that go beyond expectations, both in quality of imagery and amount of content.

What is promised will be delivered, and then some...


Branding | Corporate Events | Headshots

Still Life

Products | Artwork | Real Estate

With over a decade of experience backed by formal education in lighting technique, Katherine balances the use of natural and artificial lighting to produce an optimal result in any environment.

Katherine brings a refreshing level of efficiency and personality to businesses by leveraging her experience in helping brands actualize their vision and reach their target market.


Portraiture | Special Events | Weddings

From the landscapes of the Carolinas to the hidden gems of Thailand, Katherine uses her expertise to find a location that is perfectly tailored to the needs and style of her clients.

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